Poetry announcement: “Oregon Trail Triolet”

My next poem up at Sidequest, “Oregon Trail Triolet,” is exactly what it says on the tin.  I’d been wanting to write a triolet for a while, although the prospect of repeating refrains in such a short line count intimidated me.  But I went for it. 

Last Christmas, one of my sisters gave me a handheld The Oregon Trail game.  Growing up in Oregon, I’d always thought it was cool having a whole game where the goal was to get…here!  So, last winter I stayed up way too late reliving those moments from my youth of stocking up on goods, wondering what calamities might befall my covered wagon, and especially coming up with punny tombstone ideas, because I’m goofy like that.  One thing I’d forgotten was how hypnotic the digital hunt could be—I was feeling guilty about that, so I decided to write a poem where the animals aren’t so defenseless.