Poetry announcement: “GLaDOS and the Vortex Queen at the Supermarket”

I have to admit, my final publication in this poetry series at Sidequest is about two games I’ve never actually played.1  This poem came about when I was thinking of a blog post I’d read called “The Power of Video Games: The Crushing Despair and Subtle Horror of Ecco the Dolphin.”  My mind combined that information with what I’ve read about the Portal games, and I ended up comparing their villainesses. 

I’m sure somewhere in the mix was a strange longing for the normalcy of something so simple as grocery shopping.  I wrote this during the initial COVID-19 shutdown earlier this year, when setting foot in a store meant—still means—I might be endangering myself and/or others.  

1 Yes, I know I’m missing out in not having played Ecco the Dolphin or the Portal games … yet.