• Forthcoming:  “Midnight for Clementine,” War on Christmas: An Anthology of Tinseled Mayhem, Sandra Kasturi and Craig Wolf, eds. ChiZine Publications. (October 2019)
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  • “Exchange,” Factor Four Magazine, issue 3, Richard Flores IV, ed. (October 2018)
    • Excerpt:  “I flung my backpack onto his bed and stepped back as it bobbed on the mattress.  A waterbed.  Then I noticed the teal plastic seaweed scattered among his bookshelves like houseplants…”
  • “My Little Sugar Plum,” Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 4, Nathon Allen Balka, ed. Jack of No Trades Productions. (October 2018)
    • Excerpt:  “ ‘For why else,’ I called, ‘do children come to my candy house unless they want some sweets?  Unless, of course, they mean to throw rocks at my candy house.’  I knew the third reason they came…”
  • “Little Seed,” Triangulation: Appetites, Frank Oreto and Douglas Gwilym, eds. Parsec Ink. (July 2017)
    • Excerpt:  “I had to sit next to a man on the barge yesterday whose aura glowed a deep red and tasted bitter…”
  • “Venom in the Cloud Forest,” Myriad Lands: Volume 2: Beyond the Edge, David Stokes, ed. Guardbridge Books. (July 2016)
    • Excerpt:  “Now Acoti knelt, dug his fingers into the soggy dirt, and yelled, ‘I never poisoned anyone!’  His voice echoed off the mountainside.  The cloud forest around him rustled in apparent mockery.  The constant mist at this altitude sent beads of water sliding down the tree trunks and pooling on the orchids, like his sweat from the poison fever…”
    • Forthcoming:  Reprint in Pioneers & Pathfinders, Jessica Augustsson, ed. JayHenge Publishing.
  • “Eyes Met and Unmeeting,” Santa Clara Review, Fall/Winter 2002-2003
    • Excerpt:  “I’ve been sitting here for the past ten minutes at least, thinking about my wife, and he’s been waiting patiently across from me, barely making a sound.  Almost no sound at all.  It’s not the sound that distracts me, though.  It’s the way he keeps brushing his thumb across his lip as he studies me …”


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