“Fellscorpe and the Wishing Well” in Best Indie Speculative Fiction Vol. 3

The anthology Best Indie Speculative Fiction Vol. III is available now, and I’m so honored to be included in this great lineup.  Here’s the list, which by the way includes a story by Richard Zwicker that appeared in the exact same issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly as my entry:

  • MRSA Me by Alicia Hilton
  • Fellscorpe and the Wishing Well by Katherine Quevedo
  • In My Image by Gerri Green
  • Apple by L. S. Johnson
  • Things Forgotten on the Cliffs of Avevig by Wendy Nikel
  • A Dragon, Sat by Liam Hogan
  • The Certainty of Echoes by D. A. D’Amico
  • Seeking Same by H. E. Casson
  • Echo of the Siren by Richard Zwicker
  • The Auditor and the Exorcist by N. R. M. Roshak
  • Moisés and El Malverde by Jibril Stevenson
  • Penny the Poisonmonger: An Origin Story by Myna Chang
  • The Rogue of Averath by Tom Jolly
  • The Verandah by Jay Caselberg

I’m glad my little flash story continues to resonate.  We can’t wish our mistakes away, but we can choose a better path.  Usually without getting to backtrack first, but still.  Go choose.