Prose poem in TOWER Magazine

The first volume of TOWER Magazine is here, with the theme of END.  My prose poem in it, “The Game of Castle Adventure,” pays homage to the titular computer game from my childhood, where you used a combination of direction keys and two-word commands to navigate a black-and-white setting populated by simple characters—literal characters, as in keyboard symbols.  I played it back in the ’90s as a kid and decided, as an adult, to really put myself inside it with this piece. 

I got really into prose poetry last summer, wanting to expand my skills as a poet and play around with where the format and expectations between verse and story start to get muddied.  The TOWER editors and I even briefly questioned which indentations to use (we went with the same they use for more traditional poetry).  This is the first time I’ve had a prose poem published.  My second one, which I actually wrote right before this one, is due out in the anthology Wind Guide You, also about digital gaming.  More to come on that.