New Cosmologies covers and TOWER Magazine last words

Today I want to share a couple of recent reveals for projects I’m involved with.  

First, Sword & Kettle Press posted images of the covers of all the chapbooks in the New Cosmologies series, and I am in love with all of them!  Monica Robinson has truly knocked it out of the park with these covers.  (And I’ve gotten to see the layout of my chapbook, The Inca Weaver’s Tales, and trust me, Naseem Jamnia has done an equally stunning job with the interior.)  So excited for these to come out, hopefully later this year!

Second, TOWER Magazine posted a list of the contributors to Vol. 1: End, including the final words from each of our pieces.  So cool!  The volume is due to come out in less than two weeks.  Keep an eye out for additional lead-up posts about some of our favorite endings from a variety of media.