Feeling saucy—a new story in MYRIAD

My story “The Sauce Packet King of the West Hills” is a near-future, postapocalyptic tale in which condiments have become currency.  A huge thank you to guest editor Jordan Hirsch for including it in the latest MYRIAD anthology of speculative flash, this one all about the theme Remnant.  It’s available to subscribers of Hexagon SF Magazine (subscriptions start at $1 per month). 

My story originated as a combination of my background in economics, the accumulation in a certain kitchen drawer, over many years, of the titular sauce packets, and a personal goal to set a story in my local geography.  Speaking of which, I’m getting close to being able reveal an upcoming project that writers in my area will want to hear about…

First, though, I’ll have more info. on my horror story in Nightmare Magazine later this week.