Starting 2023 off with a bang

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season!  I got to see my local family, eat way too many of my mom’s Christmas cookies, watch new-to-me movies, and play familiar-to-me games.  I also did lots of research for a story I’m working on and finished up a different draft as well. 

Not to bury the lede, but my new horror story “Until It Has Your Reflection” was published in this month’s issue of Nightmare Magazine!  It’s currently available to subscribers or for purchase as an ebook.  I’ll talk more about it later this month, too, when it’s posted online. 

I’m a little behind on updating my annual writing career SWOT matrix for this year.  I’ll get to it, but for now I’ve been trying to savor the progress I made last year.  I’m proudest of two things:  1) There were stories of mine I didn’t give up on for years—in some cases, literally a decade—that I polished up and kept submitting, and finally found really great homes for them; and 2) while I don’t feel like I finished as many new drafts as I’d hoped to, I wrote several stories that I know deep down I wasn’t ready to write until last year.  They challenged me in new ways. 

Coming up later this month, I’ll have another poetry reprint in The Hyacinth Review, plus a new flash story in MYRIAD (a themed anthology available to subscribers of Hexagon SF Magazine).  I hope to have some news to share related to my debut mini-chapbook, The Inca Weaver’s Tales, part of the New Cosmologies series which you can learn about at this link.  And I’ll have some other news that should be of particular interest to authors in the Portland area. 

Finally, I want to extend hearty congratulations to Akua Lezli Hope and Mary Soon Lee, who were both named the newest Grand Masters of the SFPA!  Both of these women have made tremendous contributions to the art of speculative poetry with their rich verse and generous advocacy.  They are true inspirations.