November updates (sonnets and more)

It’s another mishmash of updates!  First up, two of my sonnets appear in Sonnet Collection Series Volume 5, published by The Minison Project.  “O Sweet Child, When Titania Speaks Thy Name” presents an alternative view of a very side character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the young boy whose presence in the fairy court sets off the discord between the fairy king and queen.  “Kintsugi Master Pieces” won first honorable mention in the Helen Schaible International Sonnet Contest in the Traditional Sonnet category.  It uses the Japanese art of kintsugi as a metaphor for resilience. 

I had a wonderful time teaching alongside my friend Elizabeth Beechwood last weekend for Hugo House.  We were even able to teach from the same room for the first time, since we didn’t start giving our workshop until the pandemic. 

Next week I’ll post about a couple of new free verse autobiographical poems (quite a departure from this week’s sonnets). 

I also have two other writing opportunities in the works, for which I’m awaiting contracts before I can talk about them.