Fairy and mermaid poetry reprints

I’m very excited to have two poetry reprints come out today. 

This is the first time that “The Fabulous, Interconnected Living Root Bridges of the Fairies” is available to read online, for free.  Once again, The Hyacinth Review paired my poem up with delightful art, as they did with “Sea Grass Supplication.”  If you like written works steeped in nature imagery, do give their site a read.  (And if you enjoyed this fairy poem of mine, you may also like my poem “A Pixie Built a Human House” and my novelette “A Petrified Heart.”) 

Speaking of nature writing, if you like oceanic imagery in particular, then the magazine the tide rises, the tide falls is for you.  They’ve reprinted my poem “Merfolk in the Ghost Net” alongside other works that harken to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls” in one way or another. (And if you liked this poem of mine—and perhaps want something less bleak—you might enjoy my flash story “Exchange (A Coral Study) and my poem “The Ichthyocentaur Beyond Marginalia.”)