Business tools for writers – new blog post for Writer’s Digest

I have another blog post up on, this time where I break down a couple of my favorite business tools and how you can apply them to your writing career.  I’m always excited when I can merge my business background with my passion for creative writing!  Yes, I’m nerdy like that. 

One thing I want to add:  This time of year, a lot of articles for writers talk about goal-setting.  My article talks about key performance indicators (KPIs).  Some people might wonder, what’s the difference between goals and KPIs?  The way I see it, goals are a specific point you’re trying to reach, like the summit of a trail, whereas a KPI is more like a compass.  It’s a calculation that indicates direction.  Is the number trending up, down, or staying the same?  It’s information that can help you course-correct.  Or it’s something you can take note of to discover any trends or patterns.  And yes, it can steer you toward your goals.  You can calculate a KPI as sporadically or as often as you like. 

Personally, I like setting goals, but I know some folks find them a source of anxiety or letdown.  I think KPIs are a nice option as a companion and/or alternative to goals.