Blog post for Writer’s Digest on inanimate object characters

Happy holidays!  I’m thrilled to have written a blog post for, the official website of Writer’s Digest magazine.  I had so much fun co-teaching last month with Elizabeth Beechwood about nonhuman characters that I wrote about “How to Write Relatable Inanimate Object Characters in Fiction.”  I’ve written about them for the SFWA blog as well, and this time I wanted to expand on these characters for writers of any genre.  I have copies of articles I’ve saved from WD over the years; I hope my contribution helps inspire other writers too. 

We got some snow last night and this morning.  I think it started before midnight so technically qualifies as a white Christmas.  For Christmas, my kids gave me a lovely birdhouse and a copy of the new anthology Dispatches from Anarres: Tales in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by Susan DeFreitas and featuring an eye-popping table of contents with a bunch of my local heroes.  We’re elated to have our San Diego relatives visiting, our first time seeing them in person this whole pandemic. 

I’m lining up a few projects for next year, including a bit more non-fiction, a new virtual event, and of course more short stories and poetry!