Poetry announcement:  “The Bowsprit Mermaid and the Stemhead Dragon”

What can we humans learn from sentient ships?  In this case, I don’t mean AI generation spaceships, I mean sailing vessels on the high seas.  My new poem, “The Bowsprit Mermaid and the Stemhead Dragon,” appears in the latest issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and it explores how legends are born and how precious is the chance to connect with others, truly. 

If you’re a writer and this type of nonhuman perspective piques your interest, Elizabeth Beechwood and I have our online workshop coming up later this month on Creating Nonhuman Characters, offered through Hugo House.  I hope you’ll consider joining us for several hours of discussion of animal and object characters, writing exercises, and a chance to connect with fellow writers (in a much safer way than the titular characters of my poem).