Publication announcement: “Discount Night at the Haunted Eco Lodge”

Triangulation: Habitats is here!  This anthology of speculative stories and poems about sustainable living spaces is available in ebook or paperback

From the times I’ve traveled to Ecuador to visit family, I’ve gotten to see the Andes, the tropical coast, and the stunning Galápagos—but one part of the country I haven’t been to yet is the rainforest.  I’ve wanted to since I was a kid, but it hasn’t worked out.  That made the research for this latest story, “Discount Night at the Haunted Eco Lodge,” a bit frustrating, especially since I did the bulk of it during COVID lockdown last year.  I leafed through a book on ecotourism filled with jaw-dropping photos of sustainable tourist destinations around the world, while the prospect of traveling seemed so very far away.  I read people’s accounts of Amazon hikes and studied itineraries of lodges throughout South America, all during a time I I felt nervous about setting foot in my local grocery store. 

That’s why I’m especially pleased that readers can now take this journey with my characters.  Welcome to the haunted eco lodge.