New poems about mythical creatures

Honeyguide Literary Magazine has published two of my poems in their new issue on mythical creatures, including the one I read an excerpt of at the Nebula Conference this past weekend.  You can read all of “Sonnet of the South American Sphinx” plus “The Ichthyocentaur Beyond Marginalia” starting now if you’re a patron, otherwise the issue is available for purchase starting June 15th.  In a fun Nebula-related bonus, my awesome panel moderator, May Chong, also has poems in this issue! 

For “Sonnet of the South American Sphinx,” I wondered what it would be like if one of my favorite mythical creatures shared some common roots with me, and after I played around with various rhyme schemes, the result came out in a Petrarchan sonnet. 

For “The Ichthyocentaur Beyond Marginalia,” I have my younger son to thank.  I went to tuck him in and found him reading a book about oceans he’d gotten for his birthday.  The page he was on showed fantastical sea creatures on an old-fashioned map, similar to the ones we saw at the maritime museum in Astoria a few months ago (see below).  I’d been wanting to write about sea monsters ever since, and when I spotted an ichthyocentaur in that book, I knew it was time.