Publication announcement: “Hell-ium Balloon”

My latest story, “Hell-ium Balloon,” appears in the Strange Births issue of Last Girls Club, available now for purchase

I sometimes go out of my way to avoid putting too much personal life into my stories.  At least, not without multiple layers of disguise.  But for this one, I reached outside my comfort zone to address a sensitive topic more directly, in the hopes it might help someone else out there or at least call attention to an experience that doesn’t appear to be the norm.  I’m positive I had undiagnosed postpartum depression after one of my pregnancies.  I wish I’d gotten it diagnosed and dealt with properly.  If you can relate, please know you’re not alone. 

How did I end up delving into this topic in my writing?  By combining it with another experience, one that’s happened more frequently since I became a parent:  having a half-deflated balloon drift through my house.  It’s kind of silly during the day.  But at night—oh, at night… 

By the way, if you’re craving something on the lighter side (dare I say, even twee), I’ve got something due out for you soon.