Podcast and poetry announcement: “Exchange (A Coral Study)” and “On Shining in the Darkness”

I’ve been a fan of Tina Connolly for years, so I’m super excited that she’s narrated one of my stories for her podcast, Toasted Cake.  “Exchange (A Coral Study)” is available to listen to now.  This story, which first appeared in Factor Four Magazine, came about when a member of my writing group shared a challenge to incorporate 6 specific words in a story.  I took some memories of visiting the Galápagos Islands and mixed it with my dad’s experience as an international student in college.  I hope this tale helps show how an open mind can create a ripple effect. 

In other news, my latest poem at Sidequest is up, a Spencerian sonnet about an old SEGA Genesis dungeon crawler called Shining in the Darkness.  In the poem it may sound like I’m disparaging the game, but I’m actually very fond of it.  I’ve always loved the storybook graphics, endless pathways forking at right angles, and over-the-top monsters.  It’s just that the game’s title and premise of wandering through a maze set it up so beautifully for symbolism, I couldn’t resist.