An interview and a poetry series coming soon

I’m super excited to share two pieces of news:  First, author and editor Maggie Slater will be publishing an interview with me on her website early next month.  If you haven’t read Maggie’s work, do yourself a favor and go check it out.  It’s often gritty and always poignant. 

Second, the fine folks at Sidequest will be publishing a series of my poetry in their Game Enjambment column.  My video game themed poems will appear over the course of several months, one poem every couple weeks.  You’ll find a mix of free verse and formal structures, focusing on games from my youth that I played on Nintendo and SEGA systems, plus a few others thrown in there for variety.  I’m glad these poems of mine have found a home at a place that amplifies underrepresented voices in the gaming community.