Poetry publication: “Calypso, Riddled”

I’m happy to announce that my poem “Calypso, Riddled” appears in the NonBinary Review issue themed around Homer’s epic The Odyssey!  This issue explores, reinterprets, and extrapolates upon the source material, taking the reader on their own “odyssey” through many authors’ perspectives, each like the next island in the route.

You can also hear the audio of my poem on Zoetic Press’s Alphanumeric podcast, read by Lise Quintana.

I recall the fateful day my undergrad Classical Cultures class was finally going to discuss The Odyssey.  This was the big one I’d been waiting for on the syllabus, with all the epic’s fantastical elements—the creatures, the adventure.  Alas, early on in class that day I raised my hand not to contribute to the conversation but to excuse myself, for I’d succumbed to a 24-hour flu infiltrating my dorm.  Not my finest moment.

I feel so vindicated having this poem published.  Consider it my belated contribution to the discussion, a brief exploration of agency and consequences.