Publication announcements: “Exchange” and “My Little Sugar Plum” + a poem

I am thrilled to announce that two more of my stories came out yesterday.

“Exchange” appears in Factor Four Magazine.  This flash story stemmed from a challenge issued by one of my writer friends and was loosely inspired by my dad’s experience being the first in his family to immigrate to the U.S., when he was paired with a college roommate who remains a family friend to this day.

“My Little Sugar Plum” appears in Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 4.  This horror story came about from my hopeless sweet tooth, my resulting musings about what it would be like to live inside a gingerbread house, and another challenge from my writer’s group.

Finally, my poem “Crocodilian” came out a few days ago in Civilized Beasts Vol. III, a charity anthology supporting wildlife.  This poem was inspired by my time volunteering at the Oregon Zoo, where my favorite spot was at the African slender-snouted crocodile exhibit teaching visitors about this endangered species.  The timing of this publication is bittersweet to me, because my family went to the zoo this past weekend for the first time in months, and while we were there I learned from a keeper that my favorite croc, Lance, had passed away earlier this year.  Thanks for the inspiration, buddy, for me and others.