Worldcon 76 – Days 4 and 5

So many wonderful experiences—new ideas to ruminate on, kind and fascinating people I talked to, and of course attending the Hugo Awards ceremony.

Katherine Quevedo at Worldcon 76

By going to my first Worldcon in San Jose, I feel somewhat vindicated from the fact that a Worldcon took place here while I was an undergrad in Santa Clara and I missed it.  Truth be told, I didn’t even know about it at the time—that’s how clueless I was about the industry.  Ah, how I’ve grown.

Speaking of SCU, now that the con is over, my family flew in to join me in the Bay Area for the next few days, and our first stop was the university campus.  The Mission Gardens were lovely as always.  We went into the library, which had been completely remodeled since I was a student there lo these many years ago, and we went to the viewing area to see the Automated Retrieval System, AKA the library robots!

Santa Clara University - Orradre Library robot
Orradre Library Automated Retrieval System – yes, each of those bins is packed with books.
Santa Clara University - wisteria walkway
SCU Mission Gardens