Team bonding in a bookstore

My MBA program places a huge emphasis on team projects, and I’d like to share one recent team experience that took place in my local Powell’s bookstore.  We met up and essentially created a bonding exercise on the spot.

Here’s how it works:  Each team member picks a different aisle at random and has 10 minutes to find 2 books whose title reveals something about yourself.  Then, if there’s still time, find a copy of your favorite book (from any aisle) to share as well.  When time’s up, all come back together and sit down to discuss your selections.  It’s a literary get-to-know-you exercise applied in a team setting to establish a dynamic of trust!

My team took photos of our chosen book covers and talked about them over coffee (or in my case, a cookie). Earlier, when it came to picking an aisle, my eyes fell upon Young Adult / Star Wars & Pop Culture.

Aisle in Powell's bookstore

Other team members picked aisles like Self-Help and Western Religions.

Here are the titles I found:

Super Human
Some days I feel like this!
The Girl In Between
Other days, not so much.  More like this.