Year One of grad school down…

I’ve completed a year of grad school, and to say the least it’s been a year of growth.  I’ve taken many assessments, from how I deal with conflict to my intercultural competence.  I’ve identified core values, crafted a personal mission statement, and undertaken a personal development plan designed to get me outside my comfort zone.  I’ve participated in service projects at a local food bank and at a women’s shelter in Chile.  I’ve done an interactive simulation of culture clash, honed my presentation skills, and taken on team projects with people I’d just met.  And I’ve been getting to know the most fascinating people!

A lot of times I feel like I’m just clinging for dear life to this breadth of experiences, hoping I’ll retain enough later on to reflect back with a depth that my current schedule doesn’t afford.

Also, I think it would be fun someday to use these assessments and other exercises for fictional character development.

In the meantime, off to New Orleans for work.