Some things never change (and some do)

This blog has been a long time in the making.  It seems a fitting venue for me to share my enthusiasm for writing.  I loved crafting stories from an early age and have dedicated much of my adulthood to studying the art form and trying to refine my own contributions.

A few years back, my parents gave me a plastic storage tub full of my old papers.  A good portion of these were little books I had cobbled together as a young girl.  Many were on scratch paper cut into quarters and stapled together, or glue-bound notepads that I’d turned sideways to look like typical book binding.  A couple were on paper napkins.  A few are from when I was so young, my mom’s handwriting appears under my rudimentary drawings, capturing what I had narrated to her because I literally hadn’t learned to write yet.

One of my personal favorites is from second grade.  I wrote it on 3-hole-punched paper, bound it with green yarn, and added an About the Author section in the back.  Included in this section was a cutout of my school portrait and a bio in which I described my eye color using the name of a Crayola crayon and bemoaned the fact that I didn’t have any pets. Check it out:


Fast forward to adulthood, where my passion for telling stories in the written word continues.  I’ve got (lots of) rejection letters and (a couple) acceptance letters to prove it.  I’ve been working at this for years and years, and thus far I have a handful of publications to my name, including my first sale, a short story called “Venom in the Cloud Forest,” appearing in the Myriad Lands Volume 2 anthology from Guardbridge Books next month!

And although my eyes are the same color they were when I was seven, I now call them by the more generic and less confusing term “brown.”  Incidentally, though, I still don’t have any pets.