“A Petrified Heart” published in Wyngraf

The day has finally arrived!  It’s time for cozy fantasy, courtesy of the inaugural issue of Wyngraf.  My story in the issue, “A Petrified Heart,” has its roots in my childhood, growing up in a neighborhood filled with oak trees with lots of acorn halves all over the ground.  You can see the influence very early on in the story.  I used to gather some of them with bits of bark, fallen rhododendron flowers in our backyard, and even a berry or two from my mom’s bushes to set up little fairy place settings. 

I also always loved the piece of petrified wood pictured here, which my parents kept on a shelf. 

Needless to say, I really enjoyed the worldbuilding on this one.

A second home for my sea grass poem

I’m delighted that The Hyacinth Review has reprinted my poem “Sea Grass Supplication.”  They always pair their selections with lovely art, and I’m very pleased with the image they’ve chosen for mine as it reminds me very much of the knoll that inspired this poem.  “Sea Grass Supplication” originally appeared in The Curator Magazine

As for one of my other poems, the 2022 Rhysling Anthology is available – and speaking of lovely art, I think the cover is gorgeous.

Flame Tree anthology announcement

It’s official, my story “Midnight for Clementine” is due out later this year in the anthology Christmas Gothic from Flame Tree Publishing!  This gathering of new and classic holiday stories is slated for release in August for the UK and in October for the US and Canada.  Stay tuned for more details as the publication approaches. 

If you’re looking for some ghost stories to tide you over in the meantime, I participated in a reading of Spoon River Anthology, by Edgar Lee Masters, for the podcast Kaidankai: Ghost and Supernatural Stories.  You can hear a variety of readers bringing to life the varied voices from these linked poems.  I narrated Russian Sonia and Lillian Stewart in part 2.  You can listen to part 1 here

In other news, my story “Bone Chill of a Too-Wide Smile” will be included in the upcoming issue of Medusa Tales, and I can hardly wait for “A Petrified Heart” to come out in Wyngraf in just over a week!

Cozy fantasy? Yes, please!

The inaugural issue of Wyngraf, a brand-new magazine of cozy fantasy, is now available for preorder.  It’s due out on May 1st and includes a range of stories featuring family and community, adventure and comfort, and a whole lot of magic—including my novelette “A Petrified Heart.”  I’m super excited to be contributing to this subgenre in the company of these amazing stories.

Another flash story up on Page & Spine

My story “The Locket and the Thinning Veil” is available to read on Page & Spine.  I wrote this at a PDX Writers retreat last summer in response to a prompt where we each reached into a bag of cut-up lines from poems, grabbed some, and wrote for 15 minutes.  The three snippets in my handful that spoke to me the most mentioned a uniform pocket, remembrance, and two people in love. 

Reminder, I’m gearing up for Flights of Foundry next weekend.  Hope to see you there!

New poem:  “Lanterns at Dusk”

You can find my poem “Lanterns at Dusk” online now at Kingdoms in the Wild.  I’ve always found lanterns so lovely, with their diverse shapes and materials.  And to be honest, a lot of this poem came from me dealing with feelings of entrapment during the pandemic.  I’m glad this work is out in the world. 

Save the date:  I’ll be reading a selection of my stories and poems on April 8th at the Flights of Foundry online convention.

An interview, a reading, and a panel

I just got back from my first big vacation since the pandemic started, so I’m a little behind on things.  To get me caught up, first I wanted to share that I had the pleasure of talking with Teresa Douglas, editor of Latinx Lit Mag, who posted audio of me reading my Rhysling-nominated poem “Sonnet of the South American Sphinx” on her podcast and then interviewed me about the poem’s origins.  You can listen to me geek out about sphinxes, fiction vs. poetry, and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. 

Next, I’ve got a few live virtual events coming up.  First is my talk through the Tigard Public Library on “Writing Your Obsessions” this coming Monday.  Then in early April I’ll be participating in Flights of Foundry, a virtual convention I’ve really enjoyed attending in the past and can’t wait to be part of this year.  I’ll be doing an hour reading on April 8th, and then on April 10th I’ll be on a panel called “The State of Speculative Poetry” with some fantastic fellow writers: Bogi Takács, Akua Lezli Hope, and Wendy Van Camp!  Registration for Flights of Foundry is free (or donate what you can), so I really hope you can join me for some stories, poems, and stimulating discussion. 

In upcoming publication news, I’ve got a story due out in the inaugural issue of Wyngraf and a poem coming out soon in Kingdoms in the Wild.

“Tree Eyes” in Frost Zone Zine

My new flash story, “Tree Eyes,” appears in the latest issue of Frost Zone Zine, in the company of delightfully eerie works for the theme of Celebrating Women in Horror

“Tree Eyes” is definitely one of those stories that has its earliest roots in real life—with a healthy dose of fictionalization, of course.  At an early age, one of my sons was very prone to seeing faces where there are none (i.e., pareidolia).  His bedroom closet doors became a source of great concern as a result. 

By the way, if you’re a writer and would like to attend my upcoming virtual talk on Writing Your Obsessions, registration is free and open now!

Panel reminder and other writing news

One final reminder for the FOGcon speculative poetry panel tonight!  You can register here

In other news:

  • Presentation:  I’ll be giving a free online talk for writers next month, generously hosted by the Tigard Public Library.  It’s called “Writing Your Obsessions: Unlock the Secret to Unique, Inspired Writing,” and registration opens this Monday.
  • Fiction:  I’ve got a brand-new flash story due out next month in Frost Zone Zine, in their Women Who Write Horror issue. 
  • Interview:  I’ll be talking with Latinx Lit Mag, as well as reading my Rhysling Award nominated poem. 
  • Poetry:  I’ve got a new (non-speculative) poem due out soon in Pilgrimage, plus reprints of two of my poems coming out in the next few months in The Hyacinth Review.  Also, I’m recording a couple excerpts of the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters as part of a project led by the editor of White Enso.

Rhysling Award nomination

I found out last night that my poem “Sonnet of the South American Sphinx,” from Honeyguide Literary Magazine, is nominated for this year’s Rhysling Award for Best Short Poem!  Many thanks to whoever out there read my work and nominated it.  I’m truly honored to be listed among so many amazing writers and poems.  The annual anthology of Rhysling nominees will be coming out in a couple of months. 

On a related note, next Saturday is the FOGcon speculative poetry panel and reading.