“Venom in the Cloud Forest” reprint with discussion questions

Mark your calendars!  I’ve got two pieces of good news to share. 

First, my story “Venom in the Cloud Forest” is available now through After Dinner Conversation, complete with a set of discussion questions based on the ideas in the story.  I love how After Dinner Conversation encourages readers to engage with story concepts after you reach The End.  I hope you enjoy their discussion questions, and feel free to share any of your thoughts and conclusions with me if you’d like through my Contact page. 

This Thursday and Friday, you’ll be able to download the ebook for free on Amazon!  

The second piece of news is that the upcoming July 18th workshop, Creating Non-Human Characters, which I’ll be co-teaching with Elizabeth Beechwood, will officially be online via Zoom.  If geography was a potential barrier for you to attend, it no longer should be!  I hope you can join us.

Finally attended the Nebulas—virtually

Congratulations to tonight’s Nebula Award winners, and a special shout-out to A. T. Greenblatt for her beautiful winning short story, “Give the Family My Love.”  Indeed, congrats to all the finalists.  I’ve been enjoying the virtual Nebula Conference this weekend, as well as Flights of Foundry earlier this month.  Looking forward to Worldcon online this summer.

SFWA blog post and a related upcoming workshop

I’m honored to have another article published on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) official blog, “Not-so-still Life:  Writing from an Inanimate Object’s Point of View.”  I hope the topic stirs your creativity and provides a mental break from the current state of things.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into this topic, my fellow author Elizabeth Beechwood and I are offering a workshop, Creating Non-Human Characters, on July 18th.  We’ll cover characterization for not only inanimate objects but also animals and more.  It’ll tentatively be held on the Oregon coast at the Hoffman Center for the Arts as part of their Manzanita Writers’ Series—or else as a virtual workshop depending on how things progress; we’re staying flexible.  Please check the Hoffman Center for the Arts website for more information.

Publication announcement: “Desert Locks”

I’m thrilled to announce that you can find my latest story, “Desert Locks,” at GigaNotoSaurus.  This one deals with masks and longing for connection (something I think we can all relate to during this pandemic), set in a desert land where magic courses through everyone’s hair.

In honor of the role that hair plays in it, I decided to let mine air dry for a change.  I was overdue for a trim even before the shutdown.

natural hair
My natural hair

Reading material for your quarantine pleasure, or at least escapism

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please stay home, and order some books online from an independent bookstore like Powell’s.com.  I’ve got a big ol’ order submitted, and it’ll be like Christmas when it arrives!

Powell's pillar of signatures
Me a couple years ago at Powell’s City of Books, in awe of their pillar covered with signatures of famous science fiction and fantasy writers

If you’re looking for some immediately available reading material, may I point you to a few of my own stories you can read online right now?

And with it being National Poetry Month and all, here are a couple of my poems:

Illustration – “Exchange” / “A Coral Study”

As I prepare to hunker down this weekend with my family, I wanted to share something positive.  My artist friend Sambaran Chatterjee has done another lovely illustration for me!  This time he’s drawn Mario Reyes from my story “Exchange” / “A Coral Study.”

Exchange - illustration by Sambaran Chatterjee
“Exchange” / “A Coral Study” illustration by Sambaran Chatterjee

As I’ve said before, I’m not a visual artist in the least, so I’m in awe of both the overall picture and the striking details.  Thanks, Sambaran! You can check out more of his awesome work at his website.

I did once see an octopus, a very small one, while snorkeling in the Galápagos Islands, where my character Mario is from.  The biodiversity there, the endemic species, their lack of fear around humans, made it one of the most magical places I’ve ever been.

Publication announcement: Two-sentence horror stories

I have a trio of bite-size stories in the new anthology Nano Nightmares, available now in paperback and ebook.  Every story in this horror anthology is self-contained and designed to chill, haunt, alarm, or otherwise unsettle.  In only two sentences.

If I’m not mistaken, the concept of two-sentence horror stories has even inspired a TV series.  See for yourself the variety of scares a couple sentences can hold by picking up a copy of Nano Nightmares.

Reprint announcement: “A Coral Study”

The Exchange Students anthology is available now.  The stories in this book marry the concept of its title to the vast possibilities that speculative fiction provides.  Aliens?  Fantasy creatures?  Time travel?  Homework?  You bet.

My tale, “A Coral Study,” first appeared as “Exchange” in Factor Four Magazine.  I’ve mentioned before how my dad’s undergrad experience helped inspire it.  Well, last summer my parents went to lunch with my dad’s college roommate and his wife, and they shared my story with them.  The roommate replied, “Her story makes me think of the late night study breaks and your regaling all in our room with stories from Ecuador.”

I was also inspired by my memories of wandering through the aquarium aisles of pet stores as a kid and admiring all the little sunken ships and other décor.  One day I asked myself what if someone had decorated their living space with those types of ornaments, and the writing sprang from there.

Oregon coast in winter – and a reprint on the way

Seaside carousel

My husband and I had promised to take our boys to the beach sometime this winter, so today they got to experience all the gloom and fury that is the Oregon coast in February.  Turns out there was a windstorm while we were there, exacerbating the usual cold.  But we had fun overall, thanks to mostly indoor activities.

We made it to the Seaside Carousel Mall, and of all the carousel steeds, one of my sons chose – Seahorse!  After the ride he asked me if I liked the animal he’d chosen, and I told him about my latest story.

Katherine Quevedo with carousel Seahorse
Me with the inspiration for “The Menagerie Machine.”

Speaking of marine life, my story “Exchange” appears under a new title, “A Coral Study,” in a new anthology of speculative fiction called Exchange Students.  It’s available for preorder now, in paperback or ebook.  The official release date is this Tuesday!

Sandcastle decoration
“A Coral Study” will be available soon.