Monthly Archives: October 2017

A hopefully happy Halloween

October is usually my favorite month, but this year it’s been brutal for me for a variety of reasons.  Oh well, I’m determined to finish it up on a good note.  Tomorrow is Halloween, after all.

And there’s been plenty to enjoy.  Taking my kids to the pumpkin patch is always one of my favorite parts of fall.  Then earlier this month, on Friday the 13th, my husband and I double-dated with one of my best friends from high school and her husband by trying our luck in an escape room.  I’ve been wanting to do one ever since I first heard about them.  It was great fun, although the room we picked only has about a 35% success rate, and I’m sorry to report we did not help increase that percentage.

I also made progress on a story rewrite.

And finally, I bought huge bags of Halloween candy during my lunch break today.  Way more than we’re likely to give out.  Which means, leftovers!  Muahaha…

Team bonding in a bookstore

My MBA program places a huge emphasis on team projects, and I’d like to share one recent team experience that took place in my local Powell’s bookstore.  We met up and essentially created a bonding exercise on the spot.

Here’s how it works:  Each team member picks a different aisle at random and has 10 minutes to find 2 books whose title reveals something about yourself.  Then, if there’s still time, find a copy of your favorite book (from any aisle) to share as well.  When time’s up, all come back together and sit down to discuss your selections.  It’s a literary get-to-know-you exercise applied in a team setting to establish a dynamic of trust!

My team took photos of our chosen book covers and talked about them over coffee (or in my case, a cookie). Earlier, when it came to picking an aisle, my eyes fell upon Young Adult / Star Wars & Pop Culture.

Aisle in Powell's bookstore

Other team members picked aisles like Self-Help and Western Religions.

Here are the titles I found:

Super Human
Some days I feel like this!
The Girl In Between
Other days, not so much.  More like this.


New Orleans wrap-up

The nighttime cemetery tour was great fun.  The graveyards definitely have a different feel between daytime and nighttime.  Observe:

Katherine Quevedo in New Orleans cemetery - daytime
New Orleans cemetery with shovel
Nighttime, broken shovel spotted…
Katherine Quevedo in New Orleans cemetery - nighttime

In all seriousness, though, the scariest thing on the tour was actually an enormous spider we saw up close in its web in a tree!

But let’s leave on a less terrifying note.  Here are some random photos from the trip.

And finally, in honor of my Edgar Allan Poe themed Halloween decorations I’ve been putting up around the house…